About A1TC

We thought we’d build this website as we’ve been in the tiling training industry for a long time. Some of our first websites were bespoke custom tiling courses when we ran short tiling courses ourselves.

Before private training centres were a thing, if you wanted to learn tiling you had colleges that were very poorly funded with poor quality tools that were years old, usually long courses that interfered with jobs, and didn’t really give you real-world experience.

The other type of course you could do would be an adhesive manufacturers course. Sometimes a couple of weeks long, and they’d teach you all about their products, and quite a bit of tips on how to tile and set out. But at the end of it, you’d go home with only their products in mind.

That left a massive gap in the market for demand that existed for short courses, for people who perhaps wanted to retrain after being in the armed forces and had some resettlement grants to learn a new trade.

They’d attend a 2 week tiling course at a private training centre and would do really well out of it. They’d be running tiling businesses a few weeks after, we’d help them find tool suppliers, tile shops to find business from, and recommend them do all their friends and family bathrooms and kitchens for some experience. And of course, pass on the work to the more experienced professional tilers should they get something in above their pay grade. And that’s an opportunity to gain more real world experience from the fellow tiler.

Years later, we now run a bunch of tile and tiling websites all providing free advice to the industry. We’re largely community-driven, so anybody can come and help us with all our websites, we just want to make them busy little places that are helpful, free from sales pushes. We have no commitments to anybody so all our advice is unbiased, honest and fact-checked regularly to make sure it’s still the current advice given.

Use our website, then let us know what you think by Contacting Us. 🙂

Thanks for visiting A1 Tiling Courses.

Paul Will.
Editor at Large