Tiling Courses A-Z

A-Z of Tiling Courses

Comprehensive List of Tiling Courses in the UK – We used to have a list of courses on another domain name some years ago. But we gave the name up when we had too many websites and not enough time to maintain them. We’re now working on a new fresh list with more up to date information. There’s nothing worse than finding a list of tiling courses and training centres and then half of them are closed, especially during the current pandemic which has created problems for all sorts of businesses including tiling training centres.

Comprehensive A-Z List of Tiling Courses

We’ve separated the courses into their main areas. To get to the best training centre you may need to travel a little. Always check your local colleges first. We’ll list your local ones if they carry out tiling courses. Sadly, not all do. But the ones that do, these days they do a better job. But check private training centres too, those will help you gear yourself up as a business in general, and guide you through quoting processes when in customers homes and that sort of thing. Some even recommend banks for new businesses and business insurance and that type of thing.

If you’re looking for DIY Tiling Courses then click here to read more information about them.

Tiling Courses A-Z

Tiling Courses

The following is a list of private independent tiling training centres that offer courses. Please let us know if a training centre isn’t listed so that we can add them.

If you’re looking for College Tiling Courses then please click here.

Tiling Courses in Northern England?

– UK Pro Tiling Training (Cleveland)
– The Tiling Academy (Liverpool)
– Yorkshire Tiling Academy (Yorkshire)

See College Tiling Courses in Northern England

Tiling Courses in Central England?

– Construction Skills College (Staffordshire)
– The DIY School (Cheshire)

See College Tiling Courses in Central England

Tiling Courses Southern England?

– Able Skills (Dartford)
– Goldtrowel (Essex)
– The Builder Training Centre (Surrey)

See College Tiling Courses in Southern England

Tiling Courses in Scotland?

Tiling Courses

– A
– B
– C

See College Tiling Courses in Scotland

Tiling Courses in Wales?

– Expert Tiling Courses UK (Newport)

See College Tiling Courses in Wales

Tiling Courses in Northern Ireland?

Fast track tiling course?

We used to have a domain online with a very similar list of courses across the country, although back then, in around 2008 there was the tail end of the property boom, lots of government funding for courses, lots of mortgages going through, so lots of tilers setting up needing training. This meant a lot of training centres were set up on industrial estates right across the country so digging through them all to find a reputable one wasn’t easy.

Some of the training centres on this list were setup before that boom, and still to this day are reputable and strong training centres with lots of happy customers who are all still tiling to this day.

It is these ones we’d like to send the business to. These are the ones that you as a newbie tiler will get the most support with and have the most success in using. We’ll identify when the training centre first started to trade themselves where we can once we have finished with the website as a whole and got it to a neat and tidy useful resource.

Where we can, we will also link to feedback threads on our forum too. There you should then be able to contact some forum members who have also attended the course and are tiling still now.

That would be the ideal situation to be in. Though some training centres might have setup sooner than when we concentrated on our courses feedback section on the forum so although may not have lots of feedback on the forum, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have if we had concentrated on their attendees too.

A decade ago most of our forum traffic was potential trainees so we had a lot of feedback floating around. These days our traffic is mostly tilers, or customers of tilers, so the feedback area isn’t where we target our limited time. Keep that in mind if you can’t find feedback about a training centre you’re interested in.

How do I spot a good tiling course from a bad one?

We will have a write-up on that very shortly.

Basically visit three, always pay on credit card, make sure the training centre has been around for a while if you can. Go to the centre yourself (COVID rules permitting) and speak to candidates while they’re on their lunch and not being forced to answer your questions in front of the course owners or teachers where they may feel the need to fib a bit in fear of annoying the staff there etc.

Again, we will have some tips to look out for, and a print off of common questions in the coming weeks as we work on this side-project of ours. Head to the tiling forum in the meantime and ask your questions on there and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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