DIY Tiling Courses

DIY Tiling Courses

A DIY Tiling Course is simply a tiling course that Do-It-Yourself and weekend warriors can attend to get a better understanding of wall and floor tiling in general. Some things you might cover on a course may include (but not limited to):

  • Learning where to start when wall tiling
  • Learn where to start when floor tiling
  • How to set out around a window if you’re tiling inside the cill and external corners around the window
  • How to set out around a bathroom, so around the bath, wash basin, loo, that sort of thing. All those need setting out well.
  • You will need to know where every single tile is going BEFORE you even mix the tile adhesive.
  • Setting out is a massive part of wall and floor tiling

Tiling Courses for DIY

DIY Tiling Courses for Beginners and Homeowners

DIY Tiling Courses for Beginners

DIY Tiling Courses for Beginners. Those who haven’t even picked up a tape measure before, or a trowel (even a gardening trowel) so even the normal basic hand tools like a tiling trowel, and hand cutters like tile nippers, then the electric tile cutters whether a plug-in wet cutter, or disc cutter. And then the hand-pull tile cutters that have flat beds (sometimes called flatbed cutters) that tend to have either one or two rails that you run a cutter along in a straight line, then use a snapping mechanism to snap the tile down the tile you’ve just scribed with a really small cutting wheel.

More on this later.

Other Types of Tiling Courses

  • Short Intense Tiling Courses
  • Weekend Tiling Courses
  • Tiling Qualifications

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