Short Intense Tiling Courses

Short Intense Tiling Courses

Short Intense Tiling Courses sometimes get knocked for not qualifying would-be professional wall and floor tilers right at the end of their course. But they don’t portray themselves to do that.

The aim with a short intense tiling course is to show an attendee (learner) how the tile industry works, what tools are required for the various types of tiling that are wanted by customers these days, whether commercial or domestic.

They will then use a selection of adhesive to stick a selection of tiles to a selection of surfaces.

They will even then use a lot of tools and learn how the tools work, and when to use which tool.

The longer the course, the more they cover. But they wont and can’t cover everything. But a College Tiling Course doesn’t include everything either.

You only become a tiler when you’ve done a fair few succesful jobs. And whether you learn the College route, or the short course private training centre route, that still applies.

You can’t just print off some free vistaprint business cards and assume that’s it.

Even tilers that have tiled for 20 years will find themselves stuck at some point with a new product or tile or tool.

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