Tiling NVQ

Tiling NVQ

Tiling NVQ or Tiling National Vocational Qualification to give it its full name, is the current grade in the UK. Although it’s called a Tiling SVQ in Scotland, SVQ meaning Scottish Vocational Qualification. But it should all concur. Tiling is basically the same all around the world these days.

There are a few ways to obtain a Tiling NVQ.

Gain a Tiling NVQ via OSAT

One is to already be practicing tiling as a profession, perhaps with a family friend or very kind company that took you on as a labourer and helped progress you. So you’d be tiling to a good standard, and then do something called On Site Assessment Training (OSAT). This gains you a Tiling NVQ via you creating a working portfolio of all the modules required to complete the NVQ.

You’d be going for the Tiling NVQ Level 2 in nearly all cases. A Tiling NVQ Level 3 includes site management and that kind of thing. So just wanting to be a tiler, you’d be getting the NVQ Level 2.

Gain an NVQ via a Local College

To gain an NVQ via College you would first need to find a local one that does it. It’s not easy. We’ve got a comprehensive list of tiling courses here, this includes colleges. College courses aren’t ideal if you’re working already. Their times can be a bit random. And if it’s one day a week for 2 years, it’s going to be a while before you’re even touching the lovely bathrooms and kitchens of customers, beit domestic properties or commercial contracts for house builders, or even commercial contracts for commercial buildings (flats, hotels, office blocks etc).

Gain an NVQ via a Private Tiling Training Centre

This is perhaps one of the most chosen routes to get into tiling these days. Gain an NVQ via a Privately-owned Tiling Training Centre that you pay your hard earned money to, attend for a number of weeks, gain lots of knowledge and advice, and come away with contacts and a positive outlook on your future, along with lots of tiling knowledge that you’ve now got to put into practice, and then go down the OSAT route, or get the training centre to put you in contact with a company who can help you out via the OSAT route.

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